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0.10.6B / 0.9.13B Release News

Posted by SadCrabCompany - February 23rd, 2024

Hi, everyone!

It’s time for the next seasonal update of Innocent Witches to be released. The new two versions are 0.9.13B (public) and 0.10.6B (for supporters). The main theme for them is St. Valentine’s Day! This short but sweet event will focus on romantic interactions with arguably the most popular girl in Hogwarts. The new seasonal content is available starting from Act 2 Chapter 1 and forward via the Extra menu in the bookshelf.

On top of that, 0.10.6B includes Live2D animations for two scenes - one with Elf-maid in the bedroom, and the other with Daphne at the end of Chapter 6. Version 0.9.13B also includes Live2D for the Elf-maid scene. 

And as always, both versions have received a round of bug and typo fixes and some quality of life improvements.

Additionally, these versions also include the latest contributions from you made on our community translations website - https://translate.teamsadcrab.com/. To all the contributors - you’re awesome! If you encounter any issue or want to make a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us in Discord or here.

Here are the full changelogs for both versions:


0. This is a temporary release created specifically for St. Valentine's event. This release will soon be replaced by the much newer beta version.

1. Added St. Valentine's Day event (available in Extra bookshelf menu in Act 2)

2. Added a new location - Divination Classroom (available in St. Valentine's event)

3. Added Live2D animations for the bedroom scene with Elf-maid


1. Added a new seasonal event - St. Valentine's Day (available via Extra menu in the bookshelf starting from Act 2)

2. Added a new main menu background theme, together with a new music track

3. Added a new location - Divination Classroom (available in St. Valentine's event)

4. Added Live2D animations for the bedroom scene with Elf-maid

5. Added Live2D animations for Daphne's scene at the end of Chapter 6

6. Updated main menu background functionality

7. Added a mini event to repair the broken broom in Chapter 4

8. Added an ability to start the event with Myrtle outside of Chapter 4

9. Implemented other minor additions and improvements

10. Fixed many smaller bugs and typos thanks to your reports. Thanks <3

Full list of changes can also be found in the changelog.txt file, in the Extra section in the game itself, or here - https://pastebin.com/Pn4jGhrD

You can download these releases from our website - https://www.teamsadcrab.com/

A web-based version of Innocent Witches will follow shortly. We strongly recommend checking it out to those players using mobile devices who have issues with playing the game on Android. The players who use Apple devices will be able to play the game as well via Safari.

As always, we thank you for your feedback and critique, keep them coming <3

After releasing this seasonal update we will continue to work hard on 0.11A so that it’s out as soon as possible. We’ll share more details and previews of what we’re working on in the following weeks. Please keep an eye and drop by to say hi in our Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/XnFW2Pn :)

Peace ✌ 🕊


Team Sad Crab.




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