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Release 0.9B

Posted by SadCrabCompany - May 20th, 2022


Hi all!

This time… it’s time! 0.9B is finally ready for release, and it’s now available on our website - https://www.teamsadcrab.com/innocent-witches-patreon/

In this update, we’ve expanded the second chapter in act 2 with side content. Most of it is introduced in the new side quest, which starts automatically on Friday’s night. It includes three full screen events, with main and side characters, as well as a bunch of mysterious and lewd encounters. On top of that, numerous fixes and QoL (quality of life) improvements were added as well.

Here’s the full changelog:


  1. Expanded chapter 2 in act 2 with new side content
  2. Added a new side quest with multiple sub-quests
  3. Added three fullscreen events, two with main girls, one with a side character
  4. Added Live2D animation for a certain scene at night near the lake
  5. Removed consequent skip cap when sleeping without any activities
  6. Added several costumes and other items to the dressing rooms
  7. Added an ability to activate community translations (more on that @ our website)
  8. Adjusted continue button functionality during scenes to be more player friendly
  9. Numerous corrections and adjustments based on player feedback and reports (thanks!)
  10. Long-awaited bugs were finally added to the game

A couple of words regarding the community translations. Soon after the release of 0.9B we will turn off the ability to add new translations. This will last for a couple of days while we update the necessary components. After the maintenance is finished, all of the missing lines that were lost during the exports from the game, together with the lines from 0.9B, will be available for community translations. Additionally, we will update how the translations are activated in the game. More on that will be presented in the news post on Patreon after the maintenance is finished.

So, what’s next? Here’s a short recap for some of the upcoming content and our plans, more details will be available in the following patreon post on 20th:

  • Live2D animation for one of the existing scenes with the main girl
  • Updates for chapters 4 and 5 in act 1, rework of the last piece of the old plot
  • Transition to python 3
  • Functional updates for some of the in-game mechanics (such as quest and time systems)
  • Experimental Live2D animation for one of the character’s idle poses and actions (when she stands before the player in full height)
  • Finalizing of the game launcher for more seamless updating process
  • And of course more content with the main and side characters

But enough about that, as it’s time to play and enjoy the game! As always, if you have any feedback, comments or if you just want to chill - welcome to our discord server (https://discordapp.com/invite/XnFW2Pn), we’re there every single day https://cdn.loverslab.com/resources/emoticons/smile.png

Thank you and have fun. We’ll meet again soon ❤️


Team Sad Crab.